Interview with Alberto Chiampan, CLEVER CEO
18th August 2016
In CLEVER it’s time to draw conclusions for these 2016 Rio Olympic Games.
“So President Chiampan, how did these Olympics go?”
I’d say we’ve hit our goals; I don’t hide you that in our company every 4 years we work a lot aiming to the "most coveted" medal: the Trap men one.
Over the last 20 years we’ve succeeded in bringing home the GOLD medal 4 times out of 5 and the fifth time we had the silver one: I’d say not bad at all…
“If I'm not mistaken this umpteenth GOLD in Trap men was not the only CLEVER’s victory during these Olympics…”
No, In fact we had the splendid double of the girls of Skeet ; SILVER and GOLD with Chiara Cainero and Diana Bacosi: I’m not hiding that I was expecting something from them, considering their results in the last few months. Furthermore these exceptional girls have a great coach and this helps too!
“Any regrets?”
I'm sorry for Marcus Svensson’ SILVER in Skeet men because, actually, this great athlete was the one who had the best performance during the competition:  you know, with these rules, just making a mistake only on one plate, it's hard to loose gold! This silver hurts a bit, after all, we worked very well with him and it is absolutely fine for me.
“At the end you had a great result: 2 GOLDs and 2 SILVERs in the most important specialties of shooting…”
I’d like to point out that, in addition to these important medals, CLEVER brings home also 2 Olympic records in Double trap and Skeet men: our talented Andreas Loew, a German shooter, came in final with the best result; then, unfortunately, the final had an unexpected outcome, but this is what can happen, according to the current regulation, which, I think, sooner or later will have to be changed. Our other record was gained by Marcus Svensson.
“Can we say CLEVER’s results went beyond your expectation?”
First of all I’d like to point out that it’s not everyone who can place 2 shooters in each final. You have to consider that some companies did not win any medal, and that some manufacturing companies didn’t even have any shooters in the final.
“In the world of rifles balances changed... Did the same also happen in the one of cartridges?”
In the world of guns Beretta actually hired all the greatest shooters and, by having large financial resources, it is also a little easier. But unlike the rifles sector, in which companies that aim for medals are two or three at most, it’s much harder to win in the cartridges one, where there are several aggressive companies competing. I’m talking about 14/15 companies such as Sellier & Bellot, Fiocchi, Winchester, Federal, Maxam, RC, Nobel Sport, Armusa, Cheddite, Eley, Baschieri  & Pellagri, Gamebore, Remjngton, Hull, Rottweil , Hubertus and CLEVER. Therefore, reaching 4 important medals out of the 15 available, which are the most important of all, is a truly exceptional result.
After all we got used to collect always the most important medals in the last 20 years.
“Do you mean in Clever it is normal to bring home such amazing results?”
Modestly speaking, I’d say yes. I'm sure I’m not exaggerating by declaring nobody has a Palmares like Clever or, for better saying, it is envied around the world!  In order to compete with our achievements, you should put together the results of 3/4 of our competing companies!
“Does everything translate into outcomes?”
If I have to be honest: every time we won the Olympic Games I didn’t  see much growths in sales: you know that we export 92% of our production. Instead, what I definitely saw growing is confidence of the great shooters that wish to cooperate with CLEVER, thanks to the great quality of our products, together with our great passion for quality and innovation.
2016 Rio project has indeed been successful for the great work done by my team, my technicians, my engineers, my commitment and the one of all my friends shooters, who helped me to develop a great product, obviously superior to the average.
“Project for the future?”
We’ll be back to work with more effort than before, if possible, with great humility and respect. We will try to study broadly competitive and high quality products: we are already looking for new young promising athletes, but that's part of my personal work, are you looking for stealing my trade secrets? Seriously speaking, our project for Tokyo 2020 will already begin next January.
Of course, first we’ll have World Cups, the European Championship, the World Championship and the Universal trap, the Sporting and all the specialties that our company follows before the Olympic Games; but I can assure you that we will start working immediately.
“Is there anything you would like to say to shooters in general and especially to yours?”
Keep on trusting our products and you will not be disappointed: we’ve been proving our quality over the last twenty years by conquering everything that was humanly possible to win; we could not do more than that.
“Do you have any thorn in your shoe that you’d like to take off?”
It saddens me, nay it makes me smile, that some of our competitors, after they came back empty-handed from the Olympics, still speak of luck for CLEVER’s victories, which is turning 65 this year, after seeing our unsurpassed, lifetime long Palmarès. I feel pity for them.
The secret is to work hard, be obsessed by quality and check personally and daily all production processes, as we do in Verona!

“So thank you President, and finger crossed for the future"

I do have to thank you and once again everyone who made ​​the dream of Rio 2016 an undeniable and fantastic reality...good work!