An alternative and more dynamic proposal line, always guaranteed by 65 year old experience in loading high quality shotshells, top quality materials, uncountable achievements and, last but not least, with our usual great passion. This is our secret for our perfect ammo.
Dear Clever Lovers / shooters
Let me introduce you a different line of products, always loaded in our factory, with the same high standards used for the Clever line.

It was born some years ago, in order to meet the market needs in those countries in which we already have a distribution for traditional Clever line. We guarantee the same passion, components and quality as i.e. different speed, pressure, hight quality antimonium lead, spherical lead, top European powder for all speeds and season, our prestigious design special plastic wads, fleximax and cromoflex and special extra sensible European primres.

All this under our engineers check of 65-years-old experience. 7 Olympic gold medals in TRAP, more than 70 world championships in all the disciplines, 40 European chempionships in all disciplines, 19 wolrd records and 4 Olympic records can be a good guarantee for these products, made in Italy, Verona, by Clever Classica. Hope you'll enjoy! Alberto Chiampan