Clever wins Championships and the challenge on foreign markets
9th August 2013
Clever brand has been going around the world, thanks to all shooters supported by this company located in Montorio Veronese. Born in '52 as a hunting cartridges producer, during the years Clever has been shifting its core business to shooting sport field : «We had to focus on a different  environment, owing to hunting is becoming less and less practised and actually it represents only 15% of our production. All the rest are cartridges for sport purposes», explains Alberto Chiampan, CEO Clever company. Specialisation in this market niche went hand in hand with sponsorship of athletes from all over the world. For Clever company this has been the best way of advertising in the last 20 years. «We have signed about 50 shooters, the best ones from the 5 continents», Chiampan reports, «and we can boast an amazing palmares. Our last victory is only of few days ago, with our great Chiara Cainero who won 2 gold medals in one day during European Championship. The credit for this success belongs also to our cartridges and their quality well known all over the world: it's not a coincidence that several champions left other companies to join us". This result was achieved thanks to continuous and important investments in innovation and technology, explains Alberto Chiampan, Clever CEO, "in order to obtain up-to-date products. Without these investments we wouldn't be able to beat competitors, which are real multinationals, much bigger than us". As a matter of fact Clever has 22 people who work in Montorio Veronese,where you can find production plant, accounting department and research office. 
Specializing in a niche product, we achieved great results all over the world”, Chiampan emphasises. Last year the company had a turnover of 12 millions €, and in the 1st half of 2013 we already had an increase of 5%. This result was mainly obtained thanks to export: “We sell abroad about 85% of what we produce” explains Chiampan, and this year our aim is to reach 90%. For sure sponsorising the best shooters all over the world open us the foreign market doors and therefore justifies our important investment of 5% of our turnover. There’s the chance to grow: shooting can be practised at all ages and is becoming more and more popular.
We invest a lot and work hard for being always in the front row. Because actually one thing is for sure», closes Chiampan, «the best cartridges in the world are produced in Verona».

Article taken from www.larena.it 
Written by Francesca Lorandi