CLEVER wins 3 GOLD, 5 SILVER and 3 BRONZE medals during the First Edition of European Games in Baku
29th June 2015
Great success for CLEVER in the 1st Edition of Baku 2015 European Games.
Our shooters achieved: 
  • 3 Gold medals with  Vitaly Fokeev (Double Trap), Alexei Alipov (Trap) and Eric Varga (Mixed Team Trap)
  • 5 Silver medals with Eric Varga (Trap), Richard Bognar (Double Trap), Stefan Nilsson (Skeet), Arianna Perilli (Trap) and Alexei Alipov (Mixed Team Trap)
  • 3 Bronze medals with Chiara Cainero (Skeet), Anthony Terras (Mixed Team Skeet) and Manuel Mancini (Mixed Team Trap)

Thanks to these eminent  outcomes, the amount of our victories is getting higher and higher.
Nobody can compete with our cartridges.
Our quality is before your eyes!